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All Services are Done by Hand

Exterior & Interior Detailing Procedures
  • Conduct pre-inspection with owner
  • Conduct prep wash (note paint damage, some underbody). Prepare the exterior for detailing
  • Clay treatment to remove oxidation and environmental contaminants
  • Clear coat compound to remove minor scratches that have not gone through the paint
  • Polish using a Random Orbit Polisher for paint clarity
  • Wax to bring out the vibrant color of the paint using Random Orbit Polisher
  • Paint sealant to protect paint up to 6 months
  • Remove all excess compound, polish and wax residue
  • Dress exterior molding, tires, tire well, chrome or vinyl molding
  • Perform final inspection
  • Preparation: remove all personal items, car mats, infant carriers, empty glove box, door pockets, vacuum and blow out interior
  • Clean all plastic/vinyl, panels, door pockets, door jambs
  • Clean leather and cloth seats, seat belts, vacuum and clean mats, carpets, headliner, dash, visors, venting system, CD player, blow out glove box and trunk space
  • Scrub, shampoo carpet and extract water (air dry)
  • Clean interior windows
  • Dress all interior vinyl and plastic surfaces
  • Condition leather seats (when applicable)
  • Reassemble and inspect the interior
ENGINE DETAILING - Begins at $45 and up
  • Inspect and prep engine
  • Air dry and clean
  • Degrease and rinse the engine compartment
  • Apply dressing to engine

These services are optional and are done upon request. Price quote available from technician on duty and is based on site of engine.

  • Headlight Restoration - Begins at $30/light (One Year Guarantee)
  • Odor Removal
  • Windshield Repair - Begins at $45 and up

These pikes are negotiated between the owner and the technician. Also available for RVs, Motorcycles and Boats.

  • Headlight/Tail Light Restoration
  • Special Stain Removal
  • Boat, Motorcycle, RV Detailing

These services are done upon request. Prices vary and quotes are given in person.

Contact (210) 218-6766 or (210) 462-3591 for price list
Car Wash Services Price List
Cars Exterior $30 $35 $45
Cars Interior $10 $10 $10
SUVs Exterior $45 $50 $55
SUVs Interior $10 $10 $15
Trucks Exterior $45 $55 $65
Trucks Interior $10 $10 $15
Add Wax $30 $35 $40
Motorcycles Serviced at customer's request. Prices negotiable.
Wax Only Serviced at customer's request. Prices negotiable.
CAR WASH Vehicle prepped and inspected. Body washed, tires/wells cleaned and dressed, interior vacuumed, door pockets/jambs, car mats, windows cleaned. All services offered are done by hand.
PRICE LIST Last updated JANUARY 2020. Prices may vary based upon the size and condition of the car. Prices given over the phone are an ESTIMATE ONLY.